Mentor Texts

You can study these mentor texts alone, or you might consider reading and discussing them with an at-home peer partner or with a small group of students. Most importantly, you can enjoy reading and using mentor texts to improve your own writing.

Here are some published pieces by well-known author Ralph Fletcher.

Mentor Text: “Funeral” by Ralph Fletcher
Mentor Text: “Jonathan Miller” by Ralph Fletcher
Mentor Text: “A Pox Upon Us All” by Ralph Fletcher

Below are some mentor texts by students just like you for you to read and use to deepen your understanding of specific kinds of writing. The students' teachers and I chose these pieces because each one has a strong voice, and each one can provide you with an opportunity to learn more about your writing process. These students selected their own topics and worked with peer partners at every stage of writing. Select a text below, adjust your writer's eye, and read my comments. Then use the questions I provided with the text to learn more about writing as you read.

Mentor Text: "Equality through Action?" a short play by Chris
Mentor Text: "Tanzanian Top Ten," an informative essay by Tabor
Mentor Text: "Target," a short story by Caroline
Mentor Text: "The Wave," an analytical essay by Caroline
Mentor Text: "The 15th Amendment," an informative/explanatory essay by Louisa
Mentor Text: "Where I'm From," a poem by Danielle