Informational/Explanatory Writing

The two seventh-grade explanatory essays included here were completed in history class: (1) Caroline's essay based on a study of Antietam and a visit to the Antietam battlefield and (2) Emily's essay on Queen Elizabeth and the Tudor Court. Notice Caroline's two-page plan, which is the key to her in-depth writing. Emily's outline is less detailed but she expands on it with her first draft. Both Caroline and Emily write with strong voices.

  1. "Antietam"—Informative Essay by Caroline
  2. "Antietam" (Final Draft)
    "Antietam" (First Draft)
    Caroline’s Writing Plan

  3. "The Tudor Court"—Informative Essay by Emily
  4. "The Tudor Court" (Final Draft)
    "The House of Tudor" (Additions to the First Draft)
    "The House of Tudor" (First Draft)
    Emily’s Writing Plan