Free Choice Writing

Here are two very different genres (kinds of writing), a poem and a pourquoi folktale, that show what two students chose to write when they had a chance. Notice how thoughtful both David and Lucy are about their writing.

  1. "How the Polar Bear Got White Fur"—Pourquoi Tale by David
  2. David’s Self-Evaluation of Choice Writing
    "How the Polar Bear Got White Fur" (Final Draft)
    Brainstorm: "How the Polar Bear Got White Fur" (Planning Notes and First Draft)

  3. "Who Put the ‘Sick’ in Cicada" by Lucy
  4. Lucy’s Self-Evaluation of Choice Writing
    "Who Put the ‘Sick’ in Cicada" (Final Draft)
    "Who Put the ‘Sick’ in Cicada" (Edited Early Draft)
    Brainstorm: "Cicadas" (Planning Notes and First Draft)