Argument: Analytical Essay

Seventh graders Max and Liza were in the same class, studying a unit on conflict and war. Although their essays are about different books, both create thesis statements about trust. Eighth grader Cara's work departs from the traditional essay structure and opens other possible writing approaches to think about. All three of these writers pay attention to feedback from peer-evaluations and greatly improve their final drafts.

  1. "War Trust" by Max
  2. Max’s Evaluation of the Process
    "War Trust" (Final Draft)
    Ellen’s Peer Evaluation of Max’s First Draft Essay
    "War Trust" (Edited Early Draft)
    "Lie to Me" (First Draft)
    Max’s Writing Plan

  3. "Trusting Family" by Liza
  4. Liza’s Evaluation of the Process
    "Trusting Family" (Final Draft)
    "Trusting Family" (Edited Early Draft)
    Annika’s Peer Evaluation of Liza’s First Draft
    "Trusting Family" (First Draft)
    Liza’s Writing Plan

  5. "What Will This Become?" by Cara
  6. "What Will This Become?" (Final Draft)
    "What Will This Become?" (Edited Second Draft)
    "Inner Thoughts" (First Draft with Peer and Teacher Comments)
    Cara’s Writing Plan