Student Writing

In this section, you'll find a student's writing plan, drafts, and final copy for each of these narratives and essays.

Narrative Writing: Short Memoir
  • "Youngest" by Hattie
  • "A Golf Tournament" by Danny
Narrative Writing: Short, Short Story
  • "Waiting for His E-mail" by Rebecca
  • "The Fight" by Preston
  • "Best Friend Moves Away" by Sabrina
Argument: Persuasive Essay
  • "Bubbles or No Bubbles?" by Kate
  • "I Need a Cell Phone" by Mia
  • "Laptop: good for society" by Courtney
Argument: Analytical Essay
  • "War Trust" by Max
  • "Trusting Family" by Liza
  • "What Will This Become?" by Cara
Informational/Explanatory Writing
  • "Antietam"—Informative Essay by Caroline
  • "The Tudor Court"—Informative Essay by Emily
Free Choice Writing
  • "How the Polar Bear Got White Fur"—Pourquoi Tale by David
  • "Who Put the ‘Sick’ in Cicada?" by Lucy