Help with Different Kinds of Writing

In this section, you'll find mentor texts, writing plans, sample criteria, and tips and guidelines for the following genres, or kinds of writing.

Writing a Paragraph
Strong paragraphs are the building blocks of good writing. Look here for help with different kinds of paragraphs.

Writing a Short Memoir
A short memoir is a snapshot of a moment in the writer's life. Use this section to capture a memory in writing.

Writing a Short, Short Story
The resources in this section help you plan, write, and evaluate a story about a real-life event.

Writing a Persuasive Essay
In persuasion, a writer develops an opinion about a topic and convinces others to agree. This section helps with one kind of persuasion, the essay.

Writing an Analytical Essay
An analytical essay makes a thesis statement and supports it with explicit details and inferences. This section shows you how.

Writing an Informative Essay
An informative essay tells the reader about a topic by describing, explaining, discussing, giving directions, etc. Look here for help with focusing on a topic.

Writing a Compare/Contrast Essay
A compare/contrast essay looks at choices, considers likenesses and differences among them, and then chooses one. Here's help for doing this in writing.

Free Choice Writing
Free choice writing lets you choose what you want to write about and what genre, or kind of writing, you use. Use this section for ideas.